Sunday, June 21, 2009

my new note book

last sunday (14jun09), i bought a new notebook, replacing my old pal :(.. hehe, sebenanrnya hutang tanpa interst keke. hp pavilion dv2 series, amd athlon neo procesor, and, exquisitely thin & light, with stylish white touch :). on top of it, it cost me only a little more than half of my old pal acer price, which i bought for 4k last 6 years ago.. with its performance, plus ezy to bring along in my begcase, lepaking at mamak, or coffe beans.... i'm satisfied (my comments after only one weeks hahhaa).

anyway, i bouhght my new hp notebook at the mines,plus = a long family day, cruising at the mines lake,which was quite fun,n b4 that have lunch at nando's. Its quite tiring when the little 'bouncer' haiqal, cant stop running.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

topik hotfm today: mengambil kesempatan terhadap kebaikan org lain

best gak topik ni. ada yg cerita psl ex boyfriend pau duit dia smpi dkt 2000, jnji nak byr, x byrpun, ada yg ambik kesempatan x byr sewa rumah sbb sewa rumah kawan,... xpe. ada yg pau tiket wyg, buat buat x phm lak bila hint.... manusia, mau gak ku cerita kisah ku pula, tetapi mmandangkan ku tau si dia mmg xde duit, n maybela betul dia mmg x berduit, xpela, tunggu je la dulu. haha, wlupun hakikatnya ku patut dah bosan, tp we'll wait n see. tapi dlm xde duit, bila tau ada plak duit pergi swimming... geram jugakan.

Monday, June 8, 2009

my targets...

my life targets ;

1) graduated from university - done (3 times :p)
2) got a job - achieved
3) buy a car - bought already
4) buy a house - target on 2012 :)
5) got married.... isk hopeflly b4 30! (lg 2 thn?!)
6) loose weight back to 59 - target will be end of this year, have to loose 6kg ergh

Sunday, June 7, 2009



another new blog :)

new blog..... hope this blog will last longger haha. selamat memblogger