Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Perforated gangrenous appendix

Perforated gangrenous appendix. Is that sound familiar to you? It wasn't to me until last September. Suddenly, this mouthful words was my everyday words for weeks. And for weeks, it has been a mimpi ngeri for me and my husband. Satu pengalaman yang tidak mungkin dilupakan

My husband was diagnose with appendix last september. The symptom was gastric, stomach pain, muntah-muntah and cirit birit.  Sebelum confirm, he was having a very bad gastric, and we went to a private clinic. As usual, Doctor prescribed him with gasrtic medicines and we went back home without any thought of it might get worst.

 The next morning he wakes up with gastric pain. It get worst by afternoon, so he went to Klinik Kesihatan Ayer Keroh. As usual, after waiting for a long queue at government clinic, my husband explain to a 'dumb stupid' doctor, he was having a bad gastric, and the medicines he took last night didn't make his pain any better. Surprisingly, the Doctor just advice him to go on with the medicines. Feeling frustrated, my husband went out and came by my office. by then, it get worst. My husband vomited in front of my office. I was so worried that i persuade him to go to Klinik Kesihatan Ujong Pasir. Another long queue, and he was already in very much pain. After hours, he went in the Doctor's room, and was refered to Hospital Besar Melaka for Appendix. 

Now, another round of que. Hospital kerajaan... emergency pun doesn't have any difference unless you are really really covered with blood, or stroke, or heart attck etc.,... then only you will get the real EMERGENCY treatment. Mr hubby dah terjerit jerit kesakitan at the emergency section, until a medical officer came around to have him check AGAIN.... Another confirmation by doctor, then only he was admitted to the Hospital. Wow ...what a procedure... but what to do, there's a lot of emergency patient waiting their queue... 

The next day in ward, macam-macam checkup was done. X-ray, ultrasound... before confirm any operation procedure. Mr hubby dah start kena puasa as a part of operation procedure. On the third day, operation was confirmed to be done that evening. But, till midnite, nothing was done... and he was getting fever (fever-tanda tanda appendix dah burst!). The operation was done on saturday evening instead of friday. and the so call 2 hours operation, actually have taken 6 hours. I was so worried that something happened to him. And did i mention, i was 5 month pregnant at that time?.....

When mr hubby was taken back to the ward. he was half concious. So i leave him and came back the next day. The next-next day.... was really a nightmare. Recovering was not easy for him. Even after being discharge after eight days in ward. His surgical wound was infected and need to be clean every day for 1 month.. Luckily, everything was fine after a month or so .. Alhamdulillah 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Our love journey - Parents to be

Its been a year and 4 months of marriage life, with him who i adore most. Since then, life have been a journey of up and down, yet it always has been wonderful. And the best of all, there's only a month left for us to greet our little baby boy to the world. Another month for me to enjoy him kicking inside me :). wow... us.. Parents to be .

Alhamdulillah for everything Allah have give us. A chance to be husband and wife, and a chance to be mom and dad. I wont know what will be happening in another month. All that i know, what ever happen next, i have today, i have yesterday, i have my past.  To my dear Shafie, InshaAllah i'll love you forever.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


19 April 2013. Kembali ku menjengah pejabat setelah tiga hari mencutikan diri. Terasa juga hati ini. bila melangkah keluar, tidak nampak kelibat ayah di ruangan biasanya.. sayu..

Bila sampai masanya, roda yang berpusing jua akan terhenti.
Yang bermula pasti akan berakhir. 

Tanggal 15 April 2013

Tarikh yang kini tercatat di dalam memori. Perginya seorang ayah, kembali kepada pemilik abadi. Biarpun baru tambah kurang 8 bulan aku mengenal ayah, pemergiannya tetap terasa, suatu kehilangan yang besar. 
Inikan pula suamiku, yang mengenal ayah sepanjang hidupnya. 

Dan saat cemas jam 5.30 pagi, masih x dapatku lupakan. Menggigil tangan ini mencapai telefon, menekan nombor 999. Suara tersekat-sekat. Tangan terketar-ketar. Terkejut. 

Namun rasanya dalam saat-saat itu berlalu, ayah telahpun pergi. Mudah sungguh... syukur, dipermudahkan baginya mengadapmu Ya Allah.

Semoga roh Ayah dicucui rahmat Nya.... Al Fatihah

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Money Changer murah ?

Beberapa hari tinggal untuk hari yang dinanti. Hari sabtu yang lepas, kami tercari-cari Money Changer yang murah untuk membuat pertukaran duit. Tanya dan tanya, dengarnya di Masjid India murah....... lalu berlalulah kami ke sana. Kadar belian matawang ***** adalah antara RM84 ke RM89 di Masjid India.

Aik.... tidak seperti yang diharapkan. Kedai yang bagi harga RM84 pula dah tutup.

Pergila pula kami ke Alamanda Putrajaya, mencuba nasib di sana pula. Paling murah dapat ditawarkan ialah RM86. hm.... Tidak puas hati. Pulanglah kami ke rumah.

Hari Ahad, dikhabarkan Money Changer di Mid Valley Mega Mall murah. Perkhabaran dari Terengganu, kadar tukar matawang tersebut RM84.50. ... Mencuba la nasib kami di Mid Valley pula. 

Senyum panjang. Kadar tukar matawang di Mid Valley - RM82.30. Paling murah setakat ini. Tanpa berdalih, tercapailah hajat kami........

Kesimpulannya. Money Changer termurah..... Mid Valley Megamall. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blogger Belia Blogger Cool

Sedang belajar berjinak dengan dunia blogging. Amat menyukai tips yang diberikan HH. Sedang cuba belajar,... terlintas pula nak turu serta segmen HH kali ini.... Blogger Belia Blogger Cool

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Travel to Mecca : Revisit Umrah 2011

Alhamdulillah, with God's will, i have travel to Mecca in 2011 for umrah. Its been 2 years back, yet the memories are still fresh in my mind. InshaAllah there will be time i'm going back there once more....... with my love :).

Insya Allah...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Travel to Legoland Malaysia : A Survival Tips

22 December 2012- Was a memorable day-out with my love. A big thanks to a dear friend who gave me 2 free tickets to Legoland Malaysia!..... Wow. I've always been wanting to go to a big theme park such as Universal Studio.. Disneyland... and tickets to Legoland was like a... WOW..hahah, excited. But that was before we went in.

The after stories, was... OK, i've been to Legoland Malaysia! hooray... 'Aku ada pergi... kau ada?' hahah. Want to go somemore?....No lah, i'll wait til i'll get another free tickets :p.

We push off from Malacca at 8.30 am in the morning, and reach Legoland around 10.00 am. We manage to get in before the crowd grew bigger. To cut the story short, we manage to get at least on 5 ride on that day, and then spend times walking around the parks. By 4.30 pm, we was already exhausted. The waiting time for every ride was really tiring. At 5pm, we decide to say goodbye to Legoland.

Now, if u guys want to go to Legoland Malaysia, here are some important survival tips -

  1. For average people like me, Legolands tickets are expensive. So to make every cents u spent on that tickets valuable,do plan your time to visit Legoland. Why? This is because every ride will take at least half an hour to 45 minits of waiting time. If you prefer less crowd, then please select week days for your trip. If u want to make it a daily trip like we didi, then i'll advice you to start your journey as early as u could, and be there before 10 am.
  2. To avoid queue at the tickets counter, please buy your tickets online. You could save 20% on the tickets when u buy online.
  3. Please have your breakfast first, because the price of foods in the park is EXPENSIVE. we spent 75 ringgit for pizzas for two, just for lunch only. And it wasn't that worthy. You can go out of legoland and went back in (that is what i've been told, make sure to double check this info :)..). So my advice, do eat outside. There are fast food and restaurants just outside the park. For rm75, i prefer Burger King more than the Legoland's pizza...
  4.  Bring your own water and junkfood. It will save u more money.
  5. DON'T ever think of playing games that u have to pay extra...(unless u have alot of money to spend)  the one that u have to throw ball, or anything else...which cost u RM10 per throw or RM10 for one play...(for example,...i cant remember how much it cost). Your chances of winning, ... was like 1 out of 10.
  6. The price for lego's sell in there are EXPENSIVE. As far as i remember.... the cheapest key chain cost was RM9..... (a small block of lego, attach to keychain string) if i'm not mistaken. If u want to buy some souveniers... be prepare with $$$.
  7. Legoland's photographer will always be around to take pictures of u. If u want to buy it, please prepare around RM75- RM200++ for pictures.... (3 for RM75-promotion)
  8. First thing to do there, go for famous rides first, coz in the afternoon, when the crowd get bigger in the afternoon, u will have to wait longer. Go for the roller coaster first, and the one with the water splash.... U can go for lego's movie ride and tower in the afternoon or evening.

Lunch - pizza.... *observe the price!

Hm..that's all for now. Have fun in Legoland Malaysia !

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Khasiat Apple Cider

Foto kredit :

Sebelum ni, tidak pernah saya ketahui khasiat Apple Cider atau cuka epal.
Bila merancang untuk mengambil SD2, kawan mencadangkan minum SD2 bersama Apple Cider. 

Kenapa ya?... Tertanya juga. Masa nak minum tu, saya campurkan dua sudu besar dalam satu botol besar air kosong. Rasanya... masam.

Hasilnya?.. sistem perkumuhan saya berjalan begitu lancar. Mungkinkah? maka, selepas itu sayapun Google khasiat Apple Cider........ barulah saya tahu, begitu banyak khasiatnya, terutamanya untuk kesihatan dan menurunkan berat badan.

Sekarang kami mengamalkan minum satu sudu Apple Cider, dicampur dengan madu, bagi kurangkan rasa masam.


Monday, January 28, 2013

DIY Wedding Ideas: 'Kaya' In A Jar Wedding Gift

Here is another wedding gift ideas from my wedding. 'Kaya' in a jar wedding gift. I did the jar decoration by my self and it took around 2 weeks to finish 800 jars. Here are the things you'll need to decorate the jar:

1) small jars - available at Qualitypacks, bandar kinrara - Rm0.85/jar
2) Ribbons as decorations.
3) Small pieces of cloth-  cut into square, to be tied up on top of the jar, 
4) Craft ribbon/small rope - to tie up pieces of cloth to the jar
5) Labels - printed and punch using craft puncher (refer to DIY Brown Paperbag)

The total cost for a jar was around RM1.50. Including 'kaya', that cost me 50 cents per jar.

Is it worth it to do it youself? what can i say is ........... Although the cost is not much different from what available in the market, but to me, every seconds of spending doing what i love most is so much valuable, especially when it comes to the gifts for my special day.

Happy D.I.Y.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

McCafe' : The Fast Food Coffee Shop

One afterrnoon, we came across a bunting -  "McCafe' is now available @ McDonald MITC". Being a coffee fans, we drove into McDonalds drive through, just to find out that McCafe' only available for dine in... oooo. That was something different. So we went in. To our surprised, McCafe wasnt just a drink, it was a coffee shop in mcdonald. Hm... let just say, starbucks of McDonalds version. The taste? Wasnt that bad either. And the price was cheaper than starbucks of course. Other than high class coffee, theres also cheesecakes, muffins, and cookies ... perfect deserts to eat with coffee.
*McCafe' is available only in mcdonalds choosen outlets.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wedding cakes: Fabulous vs Delicious


It was a very beautiful night. You could smell the scents of fresh roses all around the ballroom. A breathtaking chandelier lights, complete the touch of elegant. In one corner, stood a very beautiful and eye catching three tier wedding cake.

Romantic songs were played, and then came along the bride and groom, holding hands,  walking slowly towards the gorgeous 'pelamin' on stage. Eyes on them... "Beautiful bride!", "handsome groom!". "where did they met?" "Who did you say he work for...?"... The compliments and questions pop up one by on while the bride and groom enjoying their moments of happy ending, as a king and queen of the night.

Next, came the grand final for the reception, the wedding cakes. Both bride and groom smilingly hold hands and cut the beautiful cake. With that came the sound of applause from the guest. The moments was captured by numbers of cameras. 5 minutes later, the ceremony was all over.

.. The cake. It would be nice to have some, wont it?. Why don't they distribute the cake to the guest?  Its so big, that everyone could have a bite rite?

Somehow, at that moment, we went to have a good look at the 'fabulous' cake. Surprisingly, there was like NO CAKE at all. There's only a very small portion of real cake at the bottom of 3 tier cake, just enough for the bride and groom to have a bite. hm....... FAKE CAKE, haha.

Fake Cake

We left the ballroom with a big laugh. Fabulous cakes turn out to be just 'For Your Eye Only'. What more can u ask for a dream wedding cake with a low budget. Even more, it might just be the cake 'SPONSORED' or 'INCLUDED' by the hotel package.

Fabulous vs delicious cake? well..... i would go for a simple delicious wedding cake. At least, i could share it with my families and friends.