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Jom, Have Fun In Mabul Island!

Pos ni telah dipos di blog Tapi sebab terlupa passwordnya dan susah hendak mengemaskini semua blog, saya terlupa akan kewujudan blog ini. Malam terasa nak copy paste semula trip saya ke Pulau Mabul, salah satu pulau TERBAEKKK di Malaysia. Layan......

Jom, Have Fun In Mabul Island!
Have u ever heard of Mabul island, in Sabah? :) It is one of the most beautiful island in Sabah, and i felt so lucky to have a visit to that island on work basis. In other word…FREE :) .  well.. not entirely free. Its like a dream island, an island suitable for diving, snorkeling, sun bathing, or fish and corals watching, from just above the boardwalk. Imagine this.. strolling on a white sandy beaches, with a view of crystal clear water, where u can see the corals and colorful fishes and starfishes underneath.  Mabul Island is also popular, not just because of its corals reef,  and sandy beaches attractions, but also because its close proximity to Sipadan island (15 minutes ride from Mabul Island), one of the most popular island to divers around the globe, and a unique floating resort and restaurant, the Kapalai Island. Located in Semporna Sabah, these islands are the worlds attractions. So how to get there? Easy! From Kuala Lumpur, take a flight to Tawau, directly, or transfer by changing flight in Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Then from Tawau, take a 1 hour journey from Tawau to Semporna. After that, from Semporna, take a boat ride to the islands.

Nice view.....
Nice view…..

i'm holding a star fish!......yeee
i’m holding a star fish!……yeee

ye... i'm in Sipadan Island
ye… i’m in Sipadan Island

Smilling after having a nice lunch in Kapalai
Smilling after having a nice lunch in Kapalai
So whats so licking good about all the islands here? From my point of view, the beautiful view of the ocean, the beauiful corals, the beautiful floating chalet, the undeniable delicious buffet on Kapalai Island, a coral paradise for hardcore divers, a stress relief experience for the extreme workers, a paradise setting for honeymoon couples, and for nature lovers, absolutely a place to go.
Some notes for u:
  1. Sipadan Island available for 120 divers per day, so make sure u apply for the entrance permit from Sabah Park (if not mistaken) or through your travel agent before go to the island.
  2. Mabul island offers not just diving experience, but also 5 star acoomodation range from 400 to thousands per night.
  3. Buffet in Kapalai per pack is rm30 (in 2008). Kapalaialso offer resort accomadation, and water recreation activities.
  4. Kapalai is not quite an island. The 40 chalets are built on high wooden stilts in the middle of the ocean. So, u can enjoy the sights of marine life by strollin on the board walk.
  5. U can also stay in Semporna and take a day boat ride to the islands from Semporna.
  6. A camera is a must. Who knows, u might bump into Maya Karin or Erra Fazira :p
  7. Dont forget to stop by Semporna town and buy some pearls.
What can i conclude here, if you are looking for a place for honeymoon in Sabah, i’ll recommended Mabul Island or Kapalai island. But, make sure u save some cash around RM3000 per pack (if i’m not mistaken) . Still, depends on what u want to do. There are also  packages for diving that includes stay in Mabul Island, diving in Sipadan Island, and have lunch buffet in Kapalai Island. And for the backpackers, dont worry, u may find so many cheap hotels or motels in Semporna. Surf around the net. Here, i’ll ended this pages with some links for u for more information:
  1. Sipadan Diving Vacation
  2. Sabah tourism -Mabul Island

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