Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Perforated gangrenous appendix

Perforated gangrenous appendix. Is that sound familiar to you? It wasn't to me until last September. Suddenly, this mouthful words was my everyday words for weeks. And for weeks, it has been a mimpi ngeri for me and my husband. Satu pengalaman yang tidak mungkin dilupakan

My husband was diagnose with appendix last september. The symptom was gastric, stomach pain, muntah-muntah and cirit birit.  Sebelum confirm, he was having a very bad gastric, and we went to a private clinic. As usual, Doctor prescribed him with gasrtic medicines and we went back home without any thought of it might get worst.

 The next morning he wakes up with gastric pain. It get worst by afternoon, so he went to Klinik Kesihatan Ayer Keroh. As usual, after waiting for a long queue at government clinic, my husband explain to a 'dumb stupid' doctor, he was having a bad gastric, and the medicines he took last night didn't make his pain any better. Surprisingly, the Doctor just advice him to go on with the medicines. Feeling frustrated, my husband went out and came by my office. by then, it get worst. My husband vomited in front of my office. I was so worried that i persuade him to go to Klinik Kesihatan Ujong Pasir. Another long queue, and he was already in very much pain. After hours, he went in the Doctor's room, and was refered to Hospital Besar Melaka for Appendix. 

Now, another round of que. Hospital kerajaan... emergency pun doesn't have any difference unless you are really really covered with blood, or stroke, or heart attck etc.,... then only you will get the real EMERGENCY treatment. Mr hubby dah terjerit jerit kesakitan at the emergency section, until a medical officer came around to have him check AGAIN.... Another confirmation by doctor, then only he was admitted to the Hospital. Wow ...what a procedure... but what to do, there's a lot of emergency patient waiting their queue... 

The next day in ward, macam-macam checkup was done. X-ray, ultrasound... before confirm any operation procedure. Mr hubby dah start kena puasa as a part of operation procedure. On the third day, operation was confirmed to be done that evening. But, till midnite, nothing was done... and he was getting fever (fever-tanda tanda appendix dah burst!). The operation was done on saturday evening instead of friday. and the so call 2 hours operation, actually have taken 6 hours. I was so worried that something happened to him. And did i mention, i was 5 month pregnant at that time?.....

When mr hubby was taken back to the ward. he was half concious. So i leave him and came back the next day. The next-next day.... was really a nightmare. Recovering was not easy for him. Even after being discharge after eight days in ward. His surgical wound was infected and need to be clean every day for 1 month.. Luckily, everything was fine after a month or so .. Alhamdulillah 

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