Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011, praying for the best to come

looking back at those days , so many things happen and yet, we're still here in this world, making ourself as useful as it can be to fulfill our destiny. whatever that we have faced before happen for a reason. 2010 have been my struggling year. and i'm determine to make the best of my self this year. Inshaallah, ..... Will always have faith in Allah, no matter what. Inshaallah, these will be  my new year resolution list:

1. drop another 2 kg
2. going to save rm500 every month .... HOPEFULLY
3. enough of playing around....... be serious heheh (i'm growing old! no more involve in social group.., SNC or anything else. going to miss them, but life goes on :) )
4. back to business......
5. buy a house thats enough for now. migh just review back everything later .. heheh