Saturday, January 8, 2011

my point of view

My point of view: Government vs Private sector

When people heard that i work as government servant, i'm sure i'll get the same feedback all the time! their respond : bagusnya!... senang buat loan rumah!, tak sibuk sangat!.... pegawai? mahsyuk!,......
Well, more or less its true. But the part of people say not much work is wrong!...hahahha its not that statement is totally wrong, but probably what they've seen was just one side of gov sector. probably of what they experienced at the counter or what they saw at Gerai Mamak bawah jambatan which usually full of gov servant. haha... if u ask me, memang betul pun!.

BUT... the real truth is, either government or not government, more or less not much different. Because, like everywhere else, we have different level of gov servant etc, technician, assistant officer, officer, and then all the bosses.  the support staff usually have less work compare to the professionals, and the professionals are busy with all the thinking and management work. so as officer, i am busy!.... but! (haha another but...) we do sometimes have * happy hours.................

Conclusion : Same jekkk.........


  1. definately,agreed with you.

    because why,so many people would think that its such a laidback when you are in government sector.

    nope.not for who are professionals. we work like hell busy, isnt it?

  2. yeah................ ! tired of hearing all those 'compliments'!