Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wedding cakes: Fabulous vs Delicious


It was a very beautiful night. You could smell the scents of fresh roses all around the ballroom. A breathtaking chandelier lights, complete the touch of elegant. In one corner, stood a very beautiful and eye catching three tier wedding cake.

Romantic songs were played, and then came along the bride and groom, holding hands,  walking slowly towards the gorgeous 'pelamin' on stage. Eyes on them... "Beautiful bride!", "handsome groom!". "where did they met?" "Who did you say he work for...?"... The compliments and questions pop up one by on while the bride and groom enjoying their moments of happy ending, as a king and queen of the night.

Next, came the grand final for the reception, the wedding cakes. Both bride and groom smilingly hold hands and cut the beautiful cake. With that came the sound of applause from the guest. The moments was captured by numbers of cameras. 5 minutes later, the ceremony was all over.

.. The cake. It would be nice to have some, wont it?. Why don't they distribute the cake to the guest?  Its so big, that everyone could have a bite rite?

Somehow, at that moment, we went to have a good look at the 'fabulous' cake. Surprisingly, there was like NO CAKE at all. There's only a very small portion of real cake at the bottom of 3 tier cake, just enough for the bride and groom to have a bite. hm....... FAKE CAKE, haha.

Fake Cake

We left the ballroom with a big laugh. Fabulous cakes turn out to be just 'For Your Eye Only'. What more can u ask for a dream wedding cake with a low budget. Even more, it might just be the cake 'SPONSORED' or 'INCLUDED' by the hotel package.

Fabulous vs delicious cake? well..... i would go for a simple delicious wedding cake. At least, i could share it with my families and friends.

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