Monday, January 28, 2013

DIY Wedding Ideas: 'Kaya' In A Jar Wedding Gift

Here is another wedding gift ideas from my wedding. 'Kaya' in a jar wedding gift. I did the jar decoration by my self and it took around 2 weeks to finish 800 jars. Here are the things you'll need to decorate the jar:

1) small jars - available at Qualitypacks, bandar kinrara - Rm0.85/jar
2) Ribbons as decorations.
3) Small pieces of cloth-  cut into square, to be tied up on top of the jar, 
4) Craft ribbon/small rope - to tie up pieces of cloth to the jar
5) Labels - printed and punch using craft puncher (refer to DIY Brown Paperbag)

The total cost for a jar was around RM1.50. Including 'kaya', that cost me 50 cents per jar.

Is it worth it to do it youself? what can i say is ........... Although the cost is not much different from what available in the market, but to me, every seconds of spending doing what i love most is so much valuable, especially when it comes to the gifts for my special day.

Happy D.I.Y.

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