Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Travel to Legoland Malaysia : A Survival Tips

22 December 2012- Was a memorable day-out with my love. A big thanks to a dear friend who gave me 2 free tickets to Legoland Malaysia!..... Wow. I've always been wanting to go to a big theme park such as Universal Studio.. Disneyland... and tickets to Legoland was like a... WOW..hahah, excited. But that was before we went in.

The after stories, was... OK, i've been to Legoland Malaysia! hooray... 'Aku ada pergi... kau ada?' hahah. Want to go somemore?....No lah, i'll wait til i'll get another free tickets :p.

We push off from Malacca at 8.30 am in the morning, and reach Legoland around 10.00 am. We manage to get in before the crowd grew bigger. To cut the story short, we manage to get at least on 5 ride on that day, and then spend times walking around the parks. By 4.30 pm, we was already exhausted. The waiting time for every ride was really tiring. At 5pm, we decide to say goodbye to Legoland.

Now, if u guys want to go to Legoland Malaysia, here are some important survival tips -

  1. For average people like me, Legolands tickets are expensive. So to make every cents u spent on that tickets valuable,do plan your time to visit Legoland. Why? This is because every ride will take at least half an hour to 45 minits of waiting time. If you prefer less crowd, then please select week days for your trip. If u want to make it a daily trip like we didi, then i'll advice you to start your journey as early as u could, and be there before 10 am.
  2. To avoid queue at the tickets counter, please buy your tickets online. You could save 20% on the tickets when u buy online.
  3. Please have your breakfast first, because the price of foods in the park is EXPENSIVE. we spent 75 ringgit for pizzas for two, just for lunch only. And it wasn't that worthy. You can go out of legoland and went back in (that is what i've been told, make sure to double check this info :)..). So my advice, do eat outside. There are fast food and restaurants just outside the park. For rm75, i prefer Burger King more than the Legoland's pizza...
  4.  Bring your own water and junkfood. It will save u more money.
  5. DON'T ever think of playing games that u have to pay extra...(unless u have alot of money to spend)  the one that u have to throw ball, or anything else...which cost u RM10 per throw or RM10 for one play...(for example,...i cant remember how much it cost). Your chances of winning, ... was like 1 out of 10.
  6. The price for lego's sell in there are EXPENSIVE. As far as i remember.... the cheapest key chain cost was RM9..... (a small block of lego, attach to keychain string) if i'm not mistaken. If u want to buy some souveniers... be prepare with $$$.
  7. Legoland's photographer will always be around to take pictures of u. If u want to buy it, please prepare around RM75- RM200++ for pictures.... (3 for RM75-promotion)
  8. First thing to do there, go for famous rides first, coz in the afternoon, when the crowd get bigger in the afternoon, u will have to wait longer. Go for the roller coaster first, and the one with the water splash.... U can go for lego's movie ride and tower in the afternoon or evening.

Lunch - pizza.... *observe the price!

Hm..that's all for now. Have fun in Legoland Malaysia !

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