Tuesday, August 18, 2009

my makeover

Rite now, i'm trying very hard ..pecah kepala doing my work. But i cnt focus on it becoz its so....."EAZY" and "FUN" to do so.. hahah. I hate my pangkor assingment la! So nak lepas kan boring, update my blog jap.

yesterday my old fren said i'm cuter/prettier now... base on my profile pict in this blog. Well haha. i'm stil the kusut@selamber gurl that once in a while try to recreate a prettier image of herself. So, how did the beautiful picture come out? an old fren of mine - Abg Mei sms me if i want a free makeover. He invited me to Jusco Cheras. so dengan sukahatinya i went there. And...... his brother give me a simple yet beautiful touch up make over on that instant.. and here am i. haha...but only that 1 time la. After that, i still look like before kot. Sebab tak tau mekap macam tu. so, for anyone yang rasa nak cari mekap artist yang cun, i would really like to recomend this guy - rozlan nasir. Plz do visit his blog here... http://rozlannasir.blogspot.com

ps: thankz to Rozman Nasir & Rozlan Nasir.

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